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Maxon EPDM

Maxon EPDM

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Maxon EPDM rubber (also known as 'Tridex EPDM') is used as roof sealing and is suitable for both new construction and renovation. It has an expected lifespan of 50 years and does not produce polluted rainwater.

Maxon EPDM is characterized by very simple assembly. For assembly you only need Maxon contact adhesive (to glue the strips to the substrate) and the KS87 Maxon kit to glue the strips together on the overlaps. Due to the small thickness (1mm), the strips are easy to manipulate, making it easier to get a beautiful end result.

The Maxon EPDM is widely applicable. In addition to being used as roofing material, you can also use it to cover gutters, as a watertight foil around windows and doors in the cavity, as a water barrier in the walls, as a watertight shell in swimming ponds,...

The strips are available in widths of 100cm, 50cm, 20cm and 10cm. The length of a roll is always 20m.

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