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ECO10 budget series

ECO10 budget series

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'Budget series' panels with 10mm insulation thickness (and therefore 100% anti-condensation).
These are 1.05m wide, of which 1m opaque and 5cm overlap.

The ECO10 budget panels are comparable to our regular 'ECO panels', but with 1 clear focus: offering 100% condensation-free panels in the cheapest possible way. To achieve this goal, some parameters have been adjusted compared to our standard ECO panels in order to offer these panels as competitively priced as possible, without compromising on quality.

The main differences with our standard ECO panels are as follows:
- Only 10mm insulation thickness: sufficient to prevent condensation 100%, but of course a lot cheaper than 30mm (which is the thinnest possible thickness for most manufacturers).
- Instead of the more expensive PIR, PUR is used for these panels. Both materials are made from the same raw materials, but the proportions and production process are different. PIR has 2 advantages: it is slightly more fire-resistant (but PUR can also easily handle temperatures above 100°), and it has slightly better insulation values ​​(but with 10mm insulation thickness this is negligible).
- The aluminum ECO foil on the inside is just aluminum colored, not painted white as with the 'regular' ECO panels. This one is still perforated.
- These panels are not provided with defoaming (standard series is always 100mm defoamed).
- Our other panels are entirely made in Belgium, this budget series is manufactured in Germany.

The profiling differs very slightly from our standard profiling: the center distance between the waves is exactly the same, but the wave height is 40mm instead of 33mm (so 7mm higher). These budget series can therefore still be combined with our standard pleats, even the toothed pleats such as the toothed wall ridge and the upright toothed wall ridge , although these will not connect perfectly.
However, this is not a problem: we have had negative filler strips made that fit exactly on this profiling, so that the pleats can still be installed 100% watertight. The saddles and screws can also be perfectly combined with these panels.

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