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Filling machine for rain barrel 80mm

Filling machine for rain barrel 80mm

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Filling machine for rain barrel, suitable for drain pipe diameter 80mm, color anthracite grey. Just like the 80mm drain pipe, the filling machine is made of Techtan composite (30-year strength guarantee). You can simply connect this to the tube both below and above; sleeves are therefore not necessary.

You can go from the filling machine to your rain barrel either with a fixed pipe or with a gardena garden hose. The machine is equipped with an overflow: when the rain barrel is full, the water simply flows to the sewer instead of overflowing your rain barrel.

You can rotate the filling machine to 'open' and 'closed' position: if you want to clean your rain barrel, for example, you can simply put the filling machine in the closed position, so that the rainwater flows directly to the sewer. When the rain barrel is empty, you can easily clean it.

It is always recommended to use leaf catcher accessories (such as ' spout leaf catcher ' and ' rotating leaf catcher ') so that the filling machine does not become clogged with leaves (or that your rain barrel becomes full of leaves).

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