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Sandwich panel screws for metal

Sandwich panel screws for metal

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Sandwich panel screws with metal thread, packed per 100 pieces.
Head 8mm metric ( tool bit 8mm also available).

Equipped with a heavy drill point with which you can fix the screws in metal up to 4mm thick. The screws have a painted head in RAL7016 anthracite grey, the same color as our stock roof panels and wall panels. On the third photo you can see an overview of which type of screw is recommended for each type of panel.

As standard, the screws are provided with a sealing ring on the screw, and a counter thread just below that is slightly larger than the diameter of the wood thread. With roof panels, a saddle must be mounted under the screw to seal and distribute the force of the screw. The counter-thread pulls the outer plate of the sandwich panel tight against the seal. As a result, you will always maintain a good seal, even with the natural expansion and contraction of the panels.

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