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Lead substitute Tradex Wave

Lead substitute Tradex Wave

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Lead substitute, length 5m, width 30 cm (black, red, light grey, brown) and 45 cm (black).
Ideal for finishing roof panels against an upright wall.

The Tradex Wave lead substitute has many advantages over traditional lead/lead substitutes. Based on EPDM in combination with an aluminum reinforcement, the Tradex lead replacement provides a watertight sustainable solution for roof and facade connections: the connection of roof tiles to masonry and the finishing of chimneys, dormer windows and skylights, sealing of sills, etc.

This lead substitute is frequently used for roof panels to finish the ridge side of the roof, against a wall that extends higher than the roof. The corrugated structure allows you to 'stretch' it (up to 30%) on the panels, so that you can easily work out the waves and simply leave the other flat to stick it to the wall. We always recommend additionally sealing the seams with the Maxon sealant to guarantee optimum adhesion.

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