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Sleeve for pipe 80mm M/M and M/F

Sleeve for pipe 80mm M/M and M/F

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Sleeves for drain pipe diameter 80mm , color anthracite grey. Just like the 80mm drain pipe, the sleeves are made of Techtan composite (30-year strength guarantee).

There are 2 types of sleeve available: the first is the M/F, which you can compare with the top 30cm of the drain pipe. This is fitted with a socket at the top, into which the pipe fits. Below that, this is simply the same diameter as the pipe, so it fits in the socket of, for example, a bend. This sleeve is useful, for example, to connect 2 bends , which are max 30 cm apart, with each other (with the key of the upper bend and the socket of the lower bend).

The second type is the M/M, which fits on both sides of the standard 80mm pipe, and with which you can connect 2 pieces of pipe (or, for example, a pipe and the spigot end of a bend). When in doubt, we always recommend taking this type: if you mount a piece of pipe on the underside, it is functionally exactly the same as the M/F.

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