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Insulated wall panels 100mm (hidden fixing)

Insulated wall panels 100mm (hidden fixing)

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Length (mm)

Wall panels with 100mm insulation thickness, concealed fixing (invisible screws).
Covering width is always 1m.
On the inside, the wall panels are always provided with a white lined steel plate. On the outside, these are fitted with an anthracite gray steel plate, with 'micro rib' lining.

Insulated wall panels are intended for easy installation of internal and external walls. These are almost flat on both sides, so that you can easily process doors and windows in them. The big advantage of this type of panels is that both the inside and outside are finished immediately, which saves a lot of time and offers a price advantage.

Two types can be distinguished when fixing the wall panels: the visible fixing and the hidden fixing. With the visible fixing, the screws are simply loosely placed through the panels, and the screw heads remain visible. With the concealed fastening, the screws are placed in the overlapping seam, so that they are no longer visible after installation. We have the 40mm insulation thickness in stock in visible mounting (hidden mounting does not exist in this insulation thickness), we have the 60mm and 100mm insulation thickness in stock in hidden mounting.

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