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Butyl tape 18x4 (12m)

Butyl tape 18x4 (12m)

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Butyl tape is used to seal the overlaps of the roof panels in a watertight manner. When overlapping in the longitudinal direction (i.e. when mounting 2 panels behind each other), this is absolutely necessary to obtain a good seal. In the photos you can find a sketch of the transverse overlap, on which the application of the butyl tape is indicated. Given the relatively low price of the butyl tape, we always recommend laying it twice in order to minimize the risk of leaks.

With an overlap in the width direction (ie where the panels are next to each other), the use of butyl tape is recommended to obtain a better seal, but not strictly necessary if the minimum slope of 5° (8%) is respected.

A roll of butyl tape is 12m long. When overlapping crosswise, keep in mind that the unfolding of the 33,250 profile of the roof panels is 1.22m, so you can only seal 10 panels with a 12m roll.

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