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Spout for LG25

Spout for LG25

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Outlet piece for the LG25 gutter system, tap hole diameter 80mm, color anthracite grey. Total width 30cm. Just like the LG25 gutter, this spout is made of Techtan composite (30-year guarantee on strength). Suitable for outlet to pipes with a diameter of 80mm . The outlet piece is provided with temperature lines: during assembly you must slide the gutter to the current temperature. In the event of expansion and contraction, the gutter can then move freely within the spout and thus regulate its expansion. It is therefore recommended not to glue the gutter with PVC glue in the outlet piece (where you have to do this with connection pieces and end pieces ).

The outlet piece can be used both centrally in the gutter and on the end: if the outlet piece is completely on the end, the ' outlet end piece ' can be glued directly to the outlet using the Griffon PVC adhesive .

Please note: the ' end piece for spout ' and ' leaf catcher for spout ' shown in some photos are not included (but are of course available separately).

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