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Rotating leaf catcher 80mm

Rotating leaf catcher 80mm

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Rotating leaf catcher for drain pipe diameter 80mm , color anthracite grey. Just like the 80mm drain pipe, the rotating leaf traps are made of Techtan composite (30-year strength guarantee). This fits on both the top and bottom of the tube 80mm (no sleeve required). Can also be retrofitted in existing installations (as long as the diameter of the pipe is 80mm).

Operation: the colander in the leaf catcher catches leaves, which can be removed by opening the leaf catcher. The colander is also removable, making it easy to clean. Works best in combination with the ' outlet leaf trap ' (which already filters out the large leaves) in the outlet section, and the ' supervision pit with siphon ' (which can catch all small leaf parts) on the transition from drain pipe to ground pipe.

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