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Profile plates (optionally with anti-condensation cloth)

Profile plates (optionally with anti-condensation cloth)

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Steel thickness 0.63mm, standard color RAL7016 anthracite grey, also available with anti-fog cloth.
These panels cover 1m in width.

Profiled sheets are the most basic solution for a watertight roof. These are interesting in terms of price and easy to install. The disadvantage is that you can get condensation on these plates, and that they are, as it were, a sound box (so if, for example, raindrops or twigs fall on the roof, this will be very audible inside).

Plates with an anti-condensation cloth partially remedy this: the anti-condensation cloth then absorbs the condensation and releases it afterwards. This cloth can absorb up to 900ml/m². It is important for proper operation that it is used for well-ventilated applications (carports, lean-tos,...) . In a closed space there will often not be enough ventilation to allow the cloth to dry in between. We always recommend coating the ends with anti-absorption varnish for anti-condensation fabric to prevent the anti-condensation fabric from sucking itself full of rainwater on the gutter side and thus being unable to absorb condensation.

For a 100% condensation-free roof, we always recommend the insulated sandwich panels or the cheaper ECO panels . We also have a budget series with 10mm insulation thickness , specifically intended to prevent condensation 100% at the best possible price!

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