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Light 3mm double-walled skylight

Light 3mm double-walled skylight

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Double-walled polycarbonate skylights, 3mm thick (also available in 30mm and 40mm insulation thickness).
The skylights always cover 1m in width.

Polycarbonate skylights are the ideal solution to get more daylight into your building. These are available in different types and insulation thicknesses.

The 'Light' variant is a budget variant, which is equipped with 3mm thick ducts. The ends are always 'thermosealed' (sealed) as standard, if you saw the panels to size we strongly recommend closing them again with our sealant for skylights . These channels give the panel a much greater strength than a single-walled polycarbonate sheet, and the double-walled structure also has an anti-condensation effect. This type of panel is mainly combined with the normal profiled plates, with and without condensation screen. Sometimes it is also combined with the 10mm and 30mm insulated roof panels, in situations where the budget prevails over the insulation values. With a filling bar of 30mm you can then bring these skylights to the same height as the panels, and with the positive filling strips you can seal the openings under the waves.

Important:Polycarbonate is a raw material characterized by a relatively large thermal expansion. It is therefore important to leave room for movement, so that the skylight can expand. That is why it is highly recommended to always pre-drill the skylights with a drill with a diameter of 10 mm. This drill hole is then sealed with the saddle on the screw, so that you can still process the skylights watertight.

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