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ROOF30 panels (steel sheet inside)

ROOF30 panels (steel sheet inside)

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Roof panels with PIR insulation, insulation thickness 30mm, available from stock.
These panels always cover 1m in width.

Exterior color RAL7016 (anthracite grey), interior white steel plate (also cheaper ECO variant with white aluminum foil on the inside available). The panels are always provided with 10 cm without foam at the end (the so-called 'defoaming'), so that the gutter can be mounted as close as possible to the roof. The specified length is always the length of the outer plate, so keep in mind that the insulation and inner plate are 10 cm shorter.

For applications where the aesthetics of the interior are less important, and where you have a maximum span of 1.8m between the support beams, we can also offer the cheaper ECO panels as an alternative. These are provided on the inside with a cheaper aluminum foil instead of a steel plate, otherwise they are identical to the sandwich panels.

For colours/thicknesses/lengths that you cannot find below, you can always request a quote: keep in mind that this will usually be more expensive than our stock prices.

Also for larger quantities (>200m²) it is often interesting to request a quote; this can be done via

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